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My Podcast is only being made because I no longer have a relationship with my son. It takes the place of our conversations and serves as a memorial, to him, to truth and to fighting the scourge of escapism, predation and bullshit in our drug infested culture.

Feb 28, 2022

The Aftermath. 30 days of hanging out my window.

Now hold on a minute!

I Chronicle my dope fiending. 

I make harsh connections, I may have killed my son.

No ceremony, just dumbing myself down.

He was holding it like a jewel. Vacuum cleaners dying inside.

But everybody isn't like you. 

Wasting decades.

Too late...

Feb 21, 2022

I smoked weed for a month.

A duet. A Forgiveness Program.

Let the guitar tell you. Don't seek Credit.

I scrambled my brain for a month.

A liquid melting chessboard.

Point Zero. Glowing Coals.

A text message.

My son and I used to use a vape pen together.

We need to speak with you today.




Feb 14, 2022

A primordal thing.

What question could I ask?

You can't prepare for it.

What were you trying to tell me?

There is a fly under the piano keys.

Awake me.

Nothing is separate there.

It's better not to talk about it.

You were concerned about something.

Out of my body. Untethered.


Feb 7, 2022

Maybe you can.

This is a program, a memorial.

100 00 00

It doesn't have to mean anything.

What a loss, is it wrong?

Entertainmant or something else.

His first fight. She danced it.

I know he would have said somthing like...