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My Podcast is only being made because I no longer have a relationship with my son. It takes the place of our conversations and serves as a memorial, to him, to truth and to fighting the scourge of escapism, predation and bullshit in our drug infested culture.

Jan 25, 2022

Quicksand, I'm usually wrong. Each thru my other eyes.

yellow bird.

Dead end,

Green bird.

I'm using my eyes.

The Juice.

The clinic.

I'm usually wrong




Jan 17, 2022

It took a few years for me to read this short story.

He wrote it before he died.


Jan 10, 2022

I bought some food for a guy.



Birds sing at night.

Do you believe in god?


Am I wrong?

It's in my nature.


Jan 3, 2022

Here's what happened.

Whole Foods.

A billion dots.

I thought I might die.

He had it coming.

What is the nature of getting high?

I surprised myself. I hit the switch.

A habit is not a skill.

My son visited me, a shower curtain away.

I forgot.

Behold my hypocrisy.

What the f.